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Wat een vrouw was zij? Patricia Jennings-Welch: Een grote dame, een grote Ervenis

Een reden om te blijven: Still Crazy After All These Years

Ik zou niet graag in jouw schoenen willen staan!
De onvergeeflijke houding van de Amerikanen ten opzichte van immigratie

Links wordt helemaal zenuwachtig van de jeukende wijsvinger van de vice-president

Wat een idioot! Bush helpt de beweging voor alternatieve energie met zijn eigen gebakken-lucht-demonstratie

Dat komt van al je babbelen: 
De leugenaars van de regering Bush zullen de wereld naar de verdoemenis helpen als wij dat toelaten

Blijf in Bed

Loyal opposition, disloyal regent

We kunnen de Oorlog in Vietnam Winnen
En andere blunders uit een tijdperk dat toch nog niet voorbij is

Kase Klosed

From Tweedle Dick to Tweedle Dean: Democrats About to Blow Another Chance

We Hadden Het Er Net Over:  (Alweer) een gesprek over Dennis Kucinich

Nog Steeds Gek

Onze President Is een Misdadiger

Deze Keer Brandt Alles: Waarom Kucinich de Juiste Man op de Juiste Tijd zou kunnen zijn

Bezetting: ons geschenk aan de wereld

Lig Texas Niet Dwars

Suffering Suffrage!

De Weg naar de Hel

Eerlijke Waarschuwing

American Taliban

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Maryke JensenMaryke Jensen

I'm officially Dutch, though Dutch and German are my native languages. In the past six years I've been moving around a lot and have lived in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany (ok, this was more of an extended holiday, but still), China, Australia and Ireland.

I've arrived in Ireland in February 2002 and am quite enjoying it. It's a while that I haven't moved country. I'm still traveling a lot and enjoying it too. No such thing like seeing new stuff all the time!

I'm doing freelance translations at the moment as well as my normal day time job. Some of my work is paid, some isn't. I've studied Chinese and English in the Netherlands, and am also fluent in German and have communicative French. So naturally, I'm trying to use these skills.

I found Danny's add on the Internet and I thought it was a fantastic chance to express my opinion about the American Government at this time Even though I don't live in the US, I still don't agree with what they're doing. I've participated in protests here in Dublin as well and his project came at the right time. I was just in the starting phase of my freelance work, so this also gave me a lot of training. Thank you Danny for giving me this opportunity!  Maryke Jensen

Hennie Volkers

I'm a Dutch free lance translator. At present, I'm chiefly translating magazine articles and press releases; however, I would very much like to do more book translations in the areas of my hobbies and interests: reading educative books, biographies and books on art, history, culture and spirituality. Moreover, I'm an enthusiastic long distance walker and runner. 

When I saw Danny's ad on the Internet, I was impressed by his candid way of expressing his ideas. I wholeheartedly believe in people's rights to express themselves and I see my job as a way of helping to spread information. By helping Danny with the translation of his articles, I can use my skills to let people in the Netherlands know that not all American citizens buy everything their government says…

Hennie Volkers
Volkers Vertalingen
Menpad 22
7831 BM Nieuw Weerdinge
Tel. 0591 521566
Mob. 06 14966774


Josefa Lema




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