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Online interviews with Danny


Mar 25: Burying Cold War the opposite of true US intentions in Cuba
full transcript at link

audio interview excerpt:

The United States is not honest in normalizing relations with the revolutionary government of Cuba, but it is almost certainly laying the groundwork for a “color revolution” in the Latin American nation.

The US is not the good guys. They never have been and they never will be. And to think that is somehow going to end well for Cuba is a mistake I think. 

Mar 25: US hacking accusations against Iran ‘ridiculous’

audio interview excerpt:

The recent US accusations against Iran over a campaign of cyber attacks on American banks are “ridiculous” and “funny” when Washington has been guilty of the same crime for years.

Mar 20: US elections won't change imperial foreign policy

audio interview excerpt:

Hypocritical US sees genocide in others' actions, not its own.

The United States will not condemn Israel’s genocidal policy against Palestinians because it only opposes genocide where it does not have hold on the perpetrators

Mar 20: Obama's visit to Cuba


This is a total election year ploy to pretend that there is some sort of daylight between what the democrats have in store for diplomacy and what the republicans have in store for diplomacy.

Mar 16: Super Tuesday, Priming for Presidency

Trump's anti-immigrant racism not confined to US’ - full transcript


All of this bloviating about how dangerous Trump is - Trump is very dangerous, but he is not going to be a President of the US. ...I see this emphasis on Trump as an attempt to divert attention from someone [who is] the most dangerous in the world, who will be the President of the US, and that, potentially is Hillary Clinton.

Mar 16: Russians defeated US in Syria standoff

audio interview excerpt:

This announcement by Victoria Nuland that Russia’s partial pullout or initial pullout from Syria won’t have any bearing on the sanctions that the US has imposed on Moscow is just typical of the arrogance and intransigence of the US government, which is the world’s worst imperial strongman, the greatest rogue state, the greatest terrorist state and the greatest threat to humankind that the world has ever known.

full transcript

Mar 15: US unleashing death squads in Syria

video interview excerpt:

The United States, along with its regional allies, has been in league with ISIL in unleashing death squads to topple the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The US has a long history of staging false-flag attacks in an effort to spread hostilities and pursue a regime change agenda in various parts of the world.

There has been plenty of evidence that ISIL backers provided the terror group with chlorine gas and other chemical weapons to launch attacks inside Syria.

Mar 8: Saudi war on Yemen   (Danny starts roughly at 6min in)

video interview excerpt:

...until we have more of a balance where the countries of the global south, in alliance with China and Russia, push back against this basically imperialist project, you won't have any sovereignty or independence for any of the peoples or the countries that are included, because the deck is stacked, and the game is rigged.

Mar 6: Clinton should be in The Hague, not the Oval Office

audio interview excerpt:

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has got so much blood on her hands that she should be in The Hague, not the Oval Office.

Mar 1: the US election circus, Super Tuesday edition


[the US electoral system] is an incredibly stacked system. Not only is the super- delegate thing anti-democratic and oligarchic in principle, but today's primary slate was made as a bulwark against having any left-leaning candidate.

Feb 29: Refugee crisis brings out white supremacy, racism, neocolonial attitudes

At 32 min in, on counterpunch radio:

Host Eric Draitser and Dan go back and forth on racism, white supremacy and the necolonial attitudes bubbling to the surface in light of the refugee crisis. With references ranging from "Blazing Saddles" to "Seinfeld," they manage to have a little fun while exploring an issue that is of the utmost importance to contemporary politics and activism.

Feb 25: US has always sought regime change in Syria

audio interview excerpt:

US Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent comments on Syria show that despite changes in rhetoric, regime change has always remained America’s only objective in Syria. ...“The [US] political system is an absolute mess. And what you have is this kind of a neocon establishment that is pushing these wars and constantly promoting this regime change agenda to keep American power in force around the world.

Feb 24: Kerry's 'Plan B' threat on Syria -plan has always been regime change

[I see Kerry's] announcement as a threat... an unadulterated threat. That's Plan A. The Plan B implied in that is the division and destruction of the Syrian state.

Feb 18: Trump's racism not confined to US

audio interview excerpt:

"the whole reason that I am interested in geopolitics and in the struggle in general, and many people like me in pushing back against imperialism, is that we see the overlap: it’s a seamless connection between our black and brown children being shot by police at home to the massive incarceration to the demonization of immigrants here as well as in Europe.”

full transcript

Feb 13: US 'Plan B' in Syria 'a complete sham

audio interview excerpt:

The US and its allies are going to implement their “Plan B” in Syria by deploying ground troops in the war-torn country after their attempts to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad have failed.

Feb 13: US can and will drop support for Turkey whenever it wants


Washington is so full of lies on this [pressing Turkey to halt strikes - saying it does not consider the Syrian Kurds as terrorists] that you can't quite tell whether they are secretly egging on the Turks -- which they've done in the past--or recognize this for what it is, which is a dangerous kind of off-the-reservation long-wolf attack that is likely to bring severe consequences.

Feb 10: Hillary Clinton is 'old news' after New Hampshire defeat

The Thing That Wouldn't Die

audio interview excerpt: 

US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is in an untenable position after suffering an embarrassing defeat in the first primary election in New Hampshire.

Feb 8: US Sour grapes over Syrian gains with Russia's help excerpt:

There are two words for this: sour grapes. The Russians are winning, and the Syrian state is winning. And these outlets in the West who are just shills for imperial talking points can't stand it.

Feb 5: Clinton a 'horrific troll of a candidate

interview transcript at link


Americans ...are very angry. Hillary Clinton is seen as part of the establishment. And anything that challenges that is actually something that Americans want to hear. During tonight’s debates ... Hillary Clinton mouthing platitudes and trained lines and coaxed, couched speechwriters like puppet strings. That doesn’t fly. People don’t want to hear that right now, in the post-recession America.

Feb 5: Plutocrats steer US elections to stave off deepening crisis

audio interview excerpt:

The whole system is rigged like a charade. The traditional establishment does not want an insurgent candidate; they want something they can control. If Sanders is the nominee ... Empire can live with that... He is the gatekeeper – kind of a sheep dog – but it will ... stave off a systematic collapse and massive unrest which is on the horizon if the anger of people earning say less than $100,000 a year is not addressed

Feb 2: Iowa results show US Empire settling on Sanders


Results from the Iowa caucuses show that the US Empire might be planning to put Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the White House to sell its foreign wars.

Jan 29: 7th GOP debate nothing short of political circus

audio interview excerpt:

GOP debate: Republicans promise to do what democrats have already been doing for the past 8 years. US GOP presidential candidates are competing with each other to keep non-whites out of the US.

The 7th US Republican presidential debate was nothing short of a circus, although front-runner Donald Trump did not attend the event.

Jan 28: US ignores death toll of its wars of choice

audio interview excerpt:

US ignores how many people it kills abroad. Domestic reports of crime and gun violence in the US are “self-involved” as they usually ignore the fact that America is the biggest provider of guns worldwide and has killed millions outside its own borders.

Jan 26: US Treasury's hypocritical 'corruption' allegations at Putin


I don't think they have any special insight into a financial analysis that proves or disproves a theory like this. .. I suppose it could all be true...i don't think it's likely ...If it were all true I would still be asking all these same questions: who's saying it, and why are they saying it, and why are they saying it now?

Jan 20: US Empire will pick ‘socialist’ Sanders to sell its wars


Independent Senator Bernie Sanders will win the 2016 US presidential election since the Empire needs “a kinder, gentler way to sell its wars. I think I am going to go on record here and predict that Bernie Sanders is going to be the next president of the United States.


Jan 20: Why Israel prefers Daesh to Iran

20 minute interview with Sputnik Radio; Danny comes on just over 1 min in, after the introduction.

Host Brian Becker and Danny track the development of the Syrian conflict, including the role that Russia's airstrikes have played in shifting the balance of power, the western response to this intervention, and the role of Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Jan 15: US presidential debates reveal morally bankrupt culture

audio interview excerpt:

The latest US Republican presidential debate resembled a “freak show” that exposes the country’s profoundly racist and morally bankrupt culture. The GOP debate is a “revelation of a deeply racist and fundamentally, morally and spiritually bankrupt culture and increasingly an economic bankrupt one.

Jan 8: Democrats, Republicans seek same imperial policies

audio interview excerpt:

The Democratic and Republican Parties in the United States seek the same imperial policies around the world and neither is better for peace.

There’s this rope-a-dope, tag team effect that the US political parties engage in and it serves several functions.

Jan 6: Hillary Clinton presided over genocide in Libya in 2011

audio interview excerpt: 

One thing that strikes me to hear Hillary 
Clinton say negative things about Trump is 
that she has one hell of a nerve to take 
someone to task for inflammatory rhetoric. 
Hillary Clinton’s condemnation of Donald Trump  over his controversial remarks is 
hypocritical since she presided over 
genocide of the people of Libya in 2011.
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