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Ljubav na američki način

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We Can Win the War in Vietnam
And other chestnuts from a not-so-bygone era

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Still Crazy

Our President is a Criminal

The Fire This Time: Why Kucinich may be the Right Guy at the Right Time

Occupation: our gift to the world

Don't Mess With Texas

Suffering Suffrage!

The Road To Hell

Fair Warning

American Taliban

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Sanjin Gacina

Sanjin Gacina - the day before he became a daddy :-)“Born and raised in Rovinj, Croatia, I now live with my lovely wife Sarah and newborn son Marco in Manhattan Beach, California. After spending 10 years in Padua, Italy, and earning my Master’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures (English and German) I relocated to California in 2001.

I work full time as a foreign credential evaluator and part-time as language teacher and translator.

My main languages are Croatian and Italian and I also work in other Southern Slavic languages and German. I consider myself to be a generalist when it comes to translations.

I decided to help Danny with the translation because having grown up in one of the Guinea-Pigs of modern USA and European Union tailored democracy I know the importance of getting the voices heard. And of course because the good old “Verba Volant. Scripta Manent.” 

I can be reached at sarahgacina@adelphia.net and sgacina@hotmail.com

Tel: (310) 795-8073 cell and (310) 545-8886 home”

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