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Articles récents

***Traductions en progrès***   |  Meet our translators (below)

Monde, sois sur tes gardes ! Même les nantis amérikains perdent du terrain
Les conséquences de la dissonance cognitive qui règne dans la sous-élite américaine ? 
Encore plus de guerre, encore plus de mort pour tous les autres.

Quelle femme! Patricia Jennings-Welch: Une Grande Dame, Un Grand Héritage

Chantez jusqu’à ce que la puissance du Seigneur descende sur nous
Les chants augmentent les promesses et l’intérêt d’étudier les droits civils

A bout portant : 
Le Vice Président qui tire plus vite que son ombre met la Gauche dans tous ses états.

Comme un arracheur de dents: Les menteurs de l'administration Bush vont embraser le monde entier si on les laisse faire

Où sont passés tous les soldats ?

L'ignorance de nos enfants peut nous être fatale:

La Ville De Gotham Mérite-t-elle d'Etre Sauvée ?

Rapportez-moi la tête de Silvino Herrera...

Bonne pour les affaires, Mauvaise pour les populations

Mickey Mouse-sez le Vote

Love, American Style

Takes a Whole Lot o'Trying

Rester au lit

Loyal opposition, disloyal regent

We Can Win the War in Vietnam
And other chestnuts from a not-so-bygone era

Kase Klosed

From Tweedle Dick to Tweedle Dean: Democrats About to Blow Another Chance

We Were Just Talking: (Yet ) another conversation about Dennis Kucinich

Encore Fous

Notre Président est un Criminel

The Fire This Time: Why Kucinich may be the Right Guy at the Right Time

L'Occupation: notre cadeau au monde entier

Ne vous frottez pas au Texas

Suffering Suffrage!

Sur le chemin de l’Enfer

Avertissement clair

Taliban états-uniens

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Christian P. Briard

(photo to be provided soon)
Traducteur militant
35, chemin des Bois de lait
F.- 97436 Saint-Leu
Ile de la Réunion
Tél./fax : 0262 248723
Tél. mobile : 0692 830777
Courriel à : briard.christian@wanadoo.fr

Christian P. Briard, frenchman, 64 old, living in Reunion island till 25 years ago, translating activist. Learnt autodidactly written english …translating first articles, then books.
Tranlates from German into French
Anthroposopher and Rudolf Steiner's Social Threefolding activist through GN3 (GlobalNetworkThreefolding); website : globenet3.org
U.S.A contact : johnbeck@opencenter.org
ATTAC-île de la Réunion activist

Julie Boussard-Roussin et Sigrid Dohmen

Malika Rassikh Brenas


Hey, among other things i do free-lance translations (French-English-Spanish) and actually so far, translating these articles is the most interesting I've done, even if it's not paid....it s always like that, unfortunately you almost can't earn your living with stuff you're pleased with, but anyway...

I lived a few months in U.K, and 3 years in Barcelona, and now settled in Stockholm (but i was born French...). I love to travel and choosed long ago to be poor...so then you have much more to tell and talk about...

I'm extremely concerned by worldwide's politics and mostly pathetic actions, but not friendly to any specific party, just talking a lot....about all the shit goin round, that's why it s really interesting for me to help on this site.

Appart from that, i ve been involved for 10 years in "human alternative electronic music", djing and organizing parties...

To all the people agreeing with Daniel`s articles, you should check this label "anticon" (see my shirt); you ll probably agree with all what they're on about and the music is great!

Fabrice Brunon 


Hey all, my name is Fabrice Brunon, I'm French and I live with my wife Angélique in a town north of Paris. I'm a piano teacher and a freelance translator.

Internet is a wonderful tool to communicate; everybody with an Internet connection has access to the world, its citizens and their thoughts or beliefs. However, one barrier remains, one that can't be overcome by machines, no matter how evolved the technology turns out to be. The world is a multi-cultural, multi-language place and no matter how good a linguist you are, there is somewhere, someone who has something to say in a language you don't or barely understand. It's not fair to you or that personn to miss out on his or her thoughts because you don't understand what is being said. That's why I decided to become a translator, to help convey people's ideas and thoughts.

François Devoto

Yann Doulas

Marie Wagner, Malta


Clémentine Daudier


Olivier Parrot


Julie Boussard-Roussin

Sigrid Dohmen


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