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Hasta la Victoria Siempre! Revolutionary Cuba outlasts the empire's irrational hatred  [12/17]

Whitey to Whitey: Yes it's us--y'all need to change, and that Right Soon   [12/02]

The Parrot that has ceased to be: Ukraine will never again be a united country   [9/28]

Hell, No—We won’t go! We won’t fight for Texaco!!   [7/30]
- Rebellion in *west* Ukraine 
Is Brezhinsky’s wet dream of making Ukraine into ’Russia’s Vietnam’ turning into its own nightmare opposite? And did a game changer just fly under the radar?

"If I forget about them, may God forget about me"  [7/28]

Truth Crushed to Earth:
Why Ukraine, as part of a global struggle, won't be solved by Kiev's ethnic cleansing  [7/07]

Farcical 'elections' in Ukraine provide possible staging ground for enormous escalation in conflict, hostilities. Alternative title: Orwell and Kafka had a baby, and named it Petr Poroshenko!   [5/25]

The Beacon that is East Ukraine - Are you on the right side of history?  [5/02]

A Cacaphony of Paltry Frogs - It's all over but the shooting...  [4/15]

"The Greenhouse School - reaping the benefits, literally, of a 12-month schedule"

Danny's tribute to Patricia Jennings-Welch

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Last updated:  12/17/14

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