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Danny's shop

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CD: Let It Snow

Danny's first CD release available for purchase; 12 songs, including People's Hurricane, Round and Round We Go, and A Terrible Beauty. Lyrics are included as an insert and will soon be made available for download. $15

Addicted to War
Book: Addicted to War

You can now order Joel Andreas' fantastic book, Addicted to War, directly from our site! 

Republished by Frank Dorrel, the book is a compact, illustrated history of US foreign policy, showing with wit and insight why the US can't seem to kick it's militaristic habits. By buying it from us, you can help us continue to spread the word. Proceeds go to the author and publisher, to maintain this site, toward Dan & Julia's various activist causes, including The Greenhouse School, where kids learn every day that peace is possible. $8.00 plus shipping.


Fraud dollarsFraud "dollars" (non-negotiable :-)

Approx 6 x 2 ¾"

Actual color: light blue
A set of 100 for $5

Back has inspirational message and links to resource sites.

Greencard stationery and soaps

Greencards are made from recycled waste paper by the kids, parents and staff at our Greenhouse School. We are trying something most private and public schools don't -- getting by without large sources of public or private wealth. Our line of African design cards is part of the Greenhouse initiative, GreenAIDS, to raise money for NGO's working with AIDS orphans. Other lines of cards and products help fund school programs.

This bookmark is approx 8" x 2": 
Gift tags are approx 2 ½" sq.
gift tags
Sample cards -approx 4" x 5" - $4 ea
(white paper sheet inside) 
5-card set - $18 /set
5-card set
Our soaps are made and milled by hand from pure, saponified olive, palm and coconut oils. Natural fragrances may be added; soap wrapper is handmade, recycled paper - also made at the Greenhouse school. $5.00 ea plus shipping.
Oatmeal soap - approx 3" circle
oatmeal soap - circular

Soap - approx 3¾" x 2½

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CD Qty:    Let It Snow @  $15 ea
Book Qty:  @   $8 ea
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Cards - single Qty:  @  $4 ea
Cards - set of 5 Qty:  @  $18 /set
Soap Qty:  round @  $5 ea
  Qty:  oval @   $5 ea

Estimated s/h: $3.00 per order 
(could be more if your order is large; we'll let you know by return email)

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