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Online interviews with Danny


Dec 25: De-Classified U.S. Target List
[Danny's comments 2 1/2 min in]
video interview excerpt:

[on the release of a secret 1950s military plan to annihilate eastern Europe with atomic bombs - including Western Germany]

Obviously nothing at all has changed there. The US still views Russia more than it views its position in the world or its kind of use of nuclear weapons - they continue to upgrade them.

Dec 25: Americans consume more alcohol due to economic stress

audio interview excerpt:

The [US] government only cares about keeping  the top 20 percent happy -- they always had and they always will --because those are the people who wield power.

According to new US government data, more than 30,000 Americans died from alcohol- induced causes last year, a rate not seen in at least 35 years.

Dec 23: US nuclear arsenal threatens whole world audio interview excerpt:

Total annihilation of the world” is the mindset behind the US nuclear arsenal. The target list of US nuclear weapons from the 1950s is 'blood-curdling as it shows the terrifying behind the scenes of US foreign policy.

Dec 19: on the UNSC adopting resolution on Syria  video interview excerpt:

They apparently have turned around on a dime, for one reason and one reason only, and that is the effective military deterent, the credible military threat of what Russia is doing in Syria -- bombing day and night against the death squads that the US has put in place.

Dec 18: Sanctions on Iran disaster for US itself

audio interview excerpt:

[When asked about a letter that 35 Republican senators wrote to President Barack Obama, calling on him to keep sanctions on Iran.]

US sanctions on Iran have turned out to be a 
disaster for the United States itself as the 
Islamic Republic has developed a stronger 
relationship with Russia and China.

Dec 7: ISIL direct result of US policy to destabilize Middle East

audio interview excerpt: 

The US government is not telling Americans the real reason behind ISIL’s rise. The rise of the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group is the direct outgrowth of US policies which were meant to “terrorize and destabilize” the Middle East region. This kind of terrorism is the predictable outgrowth of deliberate planned result or the after-effect of a long-running campaign to terrorize and destabilize countries all over the world because the US doesn’t like its government and wants a more compliant regime to protect US economic and political interest.

Dec 1: Expect only lies on Syria from US ‘Ministry of Truth’ 


The fact is that whatever they say about commandos and troops or boots on the ground is just complete nonsense,” Daniel Patrick Welch told Press TV on Tuesday.

The Pentagon statement about sending US Special Operations Forces to Syria to fight Daesh (ISIL) is an "outright lie" because Washington had these commandos on the ground since it started war against Syria.

Nov 24: Turkey serves interest of sociopaths in Washington audio interview excerpt:

Turkey's shooting down of a Russian fighter jet near the border between Syria and Turkey serves the interest of “sociopath” war hawks in Washington eager for a conflict with Moscow.

Oct 14: Losing hegemony is what the US is coming to terms with

audio interview excerpt:

The US is trying to oppose and break the 
counter-US hegemony in the region by backing and funding terrorist groups.
[the strikes in Syria  are a] typical CIA move... the US is not opposing terrorism but effecting a coup against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Sept 22: NATO uses Ukraine for it's own purposes
[Danny comes on .50 min in]
video interview excerpt:

[after Ukraine and NATO sign agreements on strengthening defense and technical cooperation]

It was an insane idea from the get-go. Can you imagine if the Soviet Union had sponsored a coup in Mexico and decided that Mexico should immediately join the Warsaw pact? ... It's an act of war.

Sept 13: US sanctions hurt Europe more than Russia

audio interview excerpt:

The arrogance and the hypocrisy that drips from the mouths of US officials is truly astounding. US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and her ilk are delusional and in denial about the power of their never ending sanctions.

Sept 12: Saudi aggression on Yemen similar to Israel war on Gaza
PT: What do you think is going to take to actually get more of attention from the so-called international community and also an intervention in order to stop the continued carnage?

video interview excerpt:

DPW: There is nothing that will convince, because the international community ...consists of the US Empire, its Brit lackeys, and its vassal states throughout Western Europe, and the [Persian] Gulf monarchies that it can buy and keep loyal. ... it follows a very similar pattern: you know, you want to steal newly discovered oil resources in Yemen, so the empire teams up with its usual suspects, funds and arms and trains this illegal and horrific war, aims at civilians, blockades the country, so that you can terrorize the population, and hope for the best. Guess what; it's not going that well, is it?

July 30: Why Russia is opposed to the plans for a UN tribunal? video interview excerpt:

It's a clear and outright political stunt. It's aimed at blaming Russia for something that Russia didn't do. It's another in a long, long historial series of the US using the UN and all of its organs...to pursue its own geopolitical objectives.

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